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Death Note Apples [entries|friends|calendar]
Death Note Apples

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Selling my doujinshi! [30 May 2011|10:40pm]

Doujinshi from FF7, DeathNote, Gravitation, Phoenix Wright, Yami no Matsuei, and one lonely Inu Yasha book.

I still have some left if anyone wants them! :D

Here at my journal!
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[31 Dec 2010|01:11pm]

[12] Bleach
[10] Naruto
[8] Kuroshitsuji
[7] Death Note
[8] Kingdom Hearts
[4] Tales of Symphonia
[4] Ace Attorney
[6] Inuyasha
[11] Misc
Total=70 icons

( I wouldn't even try, but I think you could save my life... )
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[17 Oct 2010|04:57pm]

[6] Kingdom Hearts
[6] Spirited Away
[9] Bleach
[6] Death Note
[5] Kuroshitsuji
[15] Naruto
[14] Misc.
Total = 61 icons


I do want you know I hold you up above everyone... )
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oo4 Death Note Icons [11 May 2010|05:45pm]

001-002 Dragon Ball Icons
003-004 Demon Diary Icons
005-006 Shinshi Doumei Cross Icons
007-018 Angel Sanctuary Icons
019 Charming Junkie Icon
020-022 Skip Beat Icons
023-026 Death Note Icons

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[05 Mar 2010|08:55pm]

Icons [107] :
10 Death Note
27 Howl's Moving Castle
55 Shinshi Doumei Cross
4 Princesss Ai
4 Ouran High School Host Club

Other [1] :
1 Ouran High School Host Club Header

I know, you want them.
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Multi Post #108 Icons [25 Aug 2009|12:39pm]

♥ Please do not hotlink.
♥ Comment and credit.
♥ Blank icons are not bases.
♥ Please do not alter icons.



Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

:Time of the Fairies:20
:Unicorn Artworks:7
:Death Note:10
: Cosmetics:11
:House of Usher:21
:the Phibes Collection-::The Abominable Dr. Phibes: & :Dr. Phibes Rises Again: 16
:Chocolates: 6
:Roses: 3

Over here ...
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New Deathnote Site, Up and running :) [20 Jun 2009|08:31pm]

Hi guys, some of you may have seen my other posts, but I am still spreading the word.

My girlfriend and I have been hard at work on anime sites, and have just finished one for death note.

Check it out, http://deathnoteepisode.com
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[06 May 2009|09:32pm]

20 icons:
DBSK; Naruto; Death Note; Bleach

HERE at iconsshi ←join/watch
will be locked in 48 hours
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[15 Mar 2009|02:49am]

[001-012] Kingdom Hearts
[013-027] Harry Potter
[028-083] Final Fantasy VII
[084-099] Final Fantasy X
[100-127] Jurassic Park
[128-147] The Dark Knight
[148-186] Watchmen
[187-194] Death Note

[195-201] Motley Crue / Nikki Sixx
[202-204] Stock


The rest HERE at gypsyballads

» Comment if you like or take anything!
» Credit gypsyballads!
» JOIN the community! :)
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[18 Oct 2008|06:00pm]

Bleach. 15
Blood Plus. 15
Chobits. 10
Cowboy Bebop. 10
Death Note. 10
Inuyasha. 10
Marilyn Monroe. 10
Vampire Knight. 10


( Let Me Be With You ) More @ 6browneyedgirl9 

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Death Note: Another Note- Online [10 Sep 2008|12:21am]

Hello everyone!
(Some of you may have seen this posting before, and if so, I'm sorry.)
I am in the process of typing out the novel, "Another Note" . I, for one, have had no luck in finding the whole text online to send to friends, so I've decided to do it myself (along with someone else) I am sharing this with you all as well. ^^
It's under a locked journal, and will ONLY contain "Another Note" under a LJ cut, as to not mess with your F-List.

Thank you for your time!
Happy Reading!
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New here. [06 Sep 2008|09:28pm]

I just wanted to announce that I opened a death note roleplay advertisement network at roleplay_dn. I'd love to see some people get use out of it! Thanks.
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[26 Jul 2008|04:10pm]

[58] Soul Eater
[8] Naruto
[20] Nabari no Ou
[12] Death Note
Total = 98 icons


( This is the world as we know it... )  
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10 Death Note Icons [30 Jun 2008|12:14am]

[1-08] Kanye West
[08-12] All Time Low
[13-20] Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
[21-25] Slash
[26-32] Paramore
[33-43] Kate Nash
[44-53] Death Note
[54-64] Avenged Sevenfold (Zacky/Synyster)
[65-68] Misc (Across the Universe, The Killers)

More here @ seaevils
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mello/matt fanmix - PARALYZED [12 Jun 2008|04:37pm]

i have a fic and some fanart waiting to be finished, but instead i made my first fanmix. XD (spoileriffic, PG-rating)

x-posted to mellomatt and death_note
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166 icons! [28 May 2008|12:18am]

(26) Bleach
(30) Blood Plus...SPOILERS...
(10) Blood: The Last Vampire
(05) Chobits
(15) Cowboy Bebop: The Movie... Part Seven... Last Set...
(22) Cowboy Bebop
(20) Death Note
(09) Inuyasha
(16) Vampire Knight
(13) Marilyn Monroe 

( Last Batch For A While ) More at 6browneyedgirl9
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Icons x 31 [20 May 2008|10:15pm]

[ mood | Cheery ]

Death Note x 31
Gintama x 12
Soul Eater x 4

This is my second attempt at making icons. Credit, comments, and feedback are much appreciated.


[So you know how much I need you? But you never see me do you?]

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Selling Death Note [15 May 2008|07:38pm]

Selling The Last Name DVD here. Please take a look if you're interested. Thank you!
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[27 Apr 2008|05:46pm]

20. Bleach
18. Blood +
07. Claymore
20. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Part Six)
23. Death Note
02. Tactics
10. xxxHOLIC


( To The Icons ) By: 6browneyedgirl9  
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[30 Mar 2008|02:20pm]

[21] Bleach
[12] Naruto
[6] Kingdom Hearts
[8] Dogs
[6] Death Note
[12] Eyeshield 21
Total = 65 icons


( All alone he turns to stone... )
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